My areas of expertise, I am fully qualified, fully insured and accredited by the leading societies in the UK.

Manual Lymph Drainage, to decongest and aid removal of waste from the tissues.

remedial massage

To ease symptoms of chronic pain and aid recovery from injury.

Therapeutic massage

For tired, tense, aching muscles and an over active mind.

Pregnancy Massage

To aid relaxation, increase energy levels and prepare the body for a more comfortable pregnancy.


About Kate

Kate Melhuish graduated with a BSc in Health Sciences: Natural Therapeutics from the University of Westminster in 2005, where she specialised in massage and neuromuscular therapy. She also worked for four years as a product adviser to a large health and nutrition retailer providing advice on health foods, diet, supplements, and health products. This extensive knowledge may assist in your understanding of your needs for your condition.

As a professional committed to continuing to learn techniques that benefit individuals with a range of conditions, she has recently extended her expertise by graduating in Manual Lymph Drainage with the Vodder Schule Austria. This expertise allows us to assist people with chronic fatigue, those recovering from bone fractures, people preparing for and recovering from cosmetic surgery and those with other conditions.



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