Remedial Massage

A system of structural integration which aims to re unite the various parts of our bodies that have lost touch with each other. We may become disintegrated due to poor patterns of use, trauma, which may be physical or emotional, even our personalities can affect the way we think about and use our bodies. These factors result in patterns of dysfunction being held in our tissues and impinging on our daily lives.

Remedial massageĀ aims to address these issues through a thorough consultation to discover the underlying cause of pain and discomfort. Once this has been ascertained advanced massage techniques are used to release the tissues, and improve posture, these may include neuromuscular techniques, work on the fascia (web of connective tissues that holds everything in place), exercises and massage.


Main uses:


Persistent muscular pain including neck, shoulder and back pain

Neuromuscular problems

Poor posture

Respiratory problems

Stress related conditions